* Swimmers are expected to report to the pool deck 15 minutes before the assigned training time.


The mission of our Platinum training program is to develop our top-tier athletes into nationally recognized student-athletes. The dedication, work ethic, time management and goal setting skills learned in this group aim to develop life skills essential for future success in all areas of life.

Swimmers in this group should envision themselves as swimmers at the next level upon graduation. Through their experience in this group, SST Platinum swimmers will develop strong opportunities to achieve athletic scholarship at the University level.


  • Produce athletes who consistently place in the top 16 at Michigan SC and LC State Meets.

  • Consistently develop athletes who are competing in Central Zones and Central Sectionals.

  • Achieve swimming standards consistently ranked in the top 50 USA swimming national event rankings.

  • Empower mature student athletes who take responsibility for their swimming development and their health, inside and outside of the water.

Target Meets

  • MI State SC and LC Championships

  • Central Zones (Summer)

  • Spring National Travel Meet- TBD on annual basis

  • SST Fall Classic


  • Required to attend training sessions. Attendance is strongly recommended at a minimum rate of 75%. Failure to maintain this standard will be grounds for reassignment at the Head Coach’s discretion.

  • Multisport athletes are welcome in this group. Swimmers competing in other sports should work out specific training plan with their Lead Group Coach. 

  • Participation in all scheduled competitions is required for continued membership in this group. Swimmers are expected to attend and compete in all events as chosen by the Lead Group Coach.

  • Swimmers are mature and responsible for their own development (in partnership with the Head Coach). Swimmers are responsible for communicating their changes in schedule with their coach.

Advancement Criteria 

In order to advance to the Platinum group athletes must demonstrate the ability and desire to:

  • At least 13 years of age at that season's championship competition

  • Attend 75% of the groups practices

  • Can consistently complete the following training sets

    • 10x100 @ 1:30 Freestyle

    • 8x100 @ 2:00 Kick

    • 1000 yards in 15 Minutes

    • 3x200 @ 3:20 IM

    • 2 of the following 3 sets

      • 8x50 @ 1:05 Butterfly

      • 10x50 @ :50 Backstroke

      • 10x50 @ 1:00 Breaststroke

PLEASE NOTE: The above listing should only serve as a rough criterion for selection to this group. Placement in this group is at the discretion of the Lead Group Coach and the Head Coach.