* Swimmers are expected to report to the pool deck 10 minutes before the assigned training time.


The mission of the SST Silver training program is to provide an opportunity for swimmers to continue their development with the aim of creating a dependable foundation in competitive swimming. This foundation will prepare them to move on to SST top groups when their ability warrants.

This group will continue a team wide philosophy in dedication to enhancing swimmer efficiency in the water. Through a positive and enjoyable environment, swimmers will learn a love of the competitive side of our sport. Under the guidance of carefully designed, developmentally appropriate progressions, swimmers will be expected to learn new drills and mechanics. 


  • Expose swimmers to various levels of competition.

  • Teach meet and racing skills

  • Establish proper hydromechanical efficiency which will serve as a technical base for the athlete’s entire career.

  • Develop proper race turns, starts and underwater phases

  • Achieve MI Swimming JO + State Qualifying Standards

  • Learn personal goal setting and best time tracking

Target Meets

  • SST Fall Classic

  • MI Swimming Junior Olympics (Spring)

  • MI Swimming State Championships


  • Swimmers are strongly urged to attend a minimum of 75% of all training sessions. Those who attend more are likely to develop more quickly.

  • Arrive on time and prepared for all training sessions including team advocated training equipment.

  • Participation in all schedule competitions is strongly urged for this group. Swimmers are expected to attend and compete in all events as chosen by the Lead Group Coach.

  • Must be able to complete a legal 100 Individual Medley before entry into this group.

Advancement Criteria

In order to advance to the Silver group athletes must demonstrate the ability and desire to:

  • There is no attendance requirement for this group. However, swimmers must now begin to understand the correlation between attendance and achievement.

  • Has the ability to read simple intervals

  • Can consistently complete a proper streamline until their head are under the Backstroke flags 

  • Can consistently complete the following training sets

    • 8x50 @ 1:00 Freestyle

    • 6x50 @ 1:15 Kick

    • 3x100 @ 2:15 IM

    • 2 of the following 3 sets

      • 4x50 @ 1:20 Butterfly 

      • 4x50 @ 1:10 Backstroke

      • 4x50@ 1:15 Breaststroke

PLEASE NOTE: The above listing should only serve as a rough criterion for selection to this group. Placement in this group is at the discretion of the Lead Group Coach and the Head Coach.